Sunday, April 25, 2010

What are you? Zooplankton? Hahahahahahahaha.

After a whole month of preparations, it finally happened: the procession of species. It started a little bit late for us, since I had a race in the morning. But thanks to cell phones, we could join the parade half way through. Kobe was really excited and waiting for the first sign of the parade and the rest of the lab.

Here are some random pictures of the different species and musicians bringing life music. Our lab was interviewed by CTV, and we were definitely the most coordinated group. Everybody asked us what we were, and after the answer invariable bursted out laughing; but we made quite the impression, and we will participate again next year.

The parade ended in a park, with some entertainment for the kids (although a cannon was probably not the most appropriate play instrument in this hippie crowd ;-)

And this is the gang: me, Quinn, Amanda, Kyle, Ingrid, Lies, Cian, Britt, Kobe. A big thanks to all of you, since I literally did nothing for this except providing Lies' time and expertise.

The parade also made the local news!

For all the pictures, see the Picasa web album:

2010-Species parade KW

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