Monday, September 6, 2010

BBQ potluck

It is that time of the year again, the evenings are getting shorter and colder, the get-back-to-school ads are  being replaced with Halloween ads, Guelph seems to girding itself for the onslaught of 17.000 partying students with campaigns, more police patrols, warnings, new by-laws, field work is winding down and everybody is slowly adjusting to the realities of life. To celebrate this past summer, and introduce all the new lab members to each other, we had our first unofficial lab meeting at my place. Sadly enough, it was raining so we could not fully use the new deck, but we did bbq. Another tradition is that I never get done with the preparations, so everybody has to help getting my contribution to the potluck ready. I had the great idea of making pizzas on the bbq, so here are:

Ingrid, Quinn, and Amanda preparing the pizza dough

Master bbq chef Kyle 

Amanda and her special calzone

Ingrid and Marina topping up
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