Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Connecting dots when running in the morning

The joy of running for me, in addition to spending quality time with the kids, is the idle time it offers me. My mind wonders off, and connects several dots that are floating around in my brain.

  • One of these dots is this image I mentioned before. I mentioned that creating a process to move student from the first behaviour to the second was difficult.

  • Another dot is why I like Moksha yoga, but could not be bothered at all by Bikram yoga. Below is a picture of the two weekly schedules: Several different options for Moksha, always the same for Bikram.

  • The final dot is an chapter I have been reading with Ingrid out of the book "The educational imagination" by Elliot Eisner, called "Educational aims, objectives, and other aspirations. We summarized our discussion in the below diagram, with a student coming into a learning environment (the box), interacting there with peers and instructors, and at the end hopefully improving is some manner. We think that the chapter distinguishes two types of objectives: expressive objectives that observe student behavior in the learning environment, and "behavioural" objectives that observe and measure (the difficult part) the improvement.

So what is the connection? 
Teaching for me consists of instruction, correction, and inspiration.
Instruction is an important part of the "box" you create (see dot 3), while inspiration is why I gravitated towards moksha yoga (in this case variation, while somebody else might prefer the meditative aspect of bikram), and correction is my tool to convert "Fail" into "Learn", which I think is necessarily tied the measuring aspect of observing.

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