Saturday, January 21, 2012

"You don't have to be neutral to talk"

Ingrid and I are currently teaching a first year seminar course on "Environmental healing and deep community". Designing the course, let alone actually doing it, has been an eye opener. One of the issues and I always need to have a conversation about, often very long ones, is the notion of "bias". This can have so many different meanings, and it trips me up every time. I started watching this TED video below, since it deals with dialogue and collaboration as a means for conflict resolution. However, I was really struck by something the presenter said:
"You don't have to be neutral to talk."
And then I have to try and reconcile this with one of Tom Nudds more spiffy quotes:
"Science takes part; it doesn't take sides."
How do I get out of this conundrum?

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  1. "Talking is not agreeing." I love that. This is why scientists should get out of their bubble, because engaging in other forums is not abandoning impartiality...if that even truly exists.