Friday, April 27, 2012

Making fun of professors

It is so easy to make fun of professors, we even have our own comic strip. If you believe the stereotype, we have so many laughable traits that there is a never ending list of possible punch lines. The sad part, some (most?) of them can hit really close to home.

Recently McSweeney's published a more elaborate punch line on philosophy to answer:
 This is a golden oldie, and apparently it made the internet rounds already, but I became aware of it through Geekdad (what's in a name, right?): What is the difference between a geek and a nerd?

And now I don't know who I am any more:

  • My geek traits
    • A mac
    • Can be pretentious and longwinded (see this blog)
    • A fan of gadgets
    • I fell for and married a non-geek
  • My nerd traits
    • Extreme interest or fascination with academics (see this blog)
    • Introverted (do not look at this blog)
    • Socially inept
    • Diverse and sometimes impractical skills due to broad interest in science
    • Interest might include Battlestart Galactica, computer programming
    • Reclusive professor

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