Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Joining the modern scientific conversation

I am slowly finding my way through the mystery that is twitter. The interface seems so inaccessible to me, everything so tightly bunched up, with lots of symbols, and  secret conventions that are almost Dan Brown masonic in nature. If you need to google how to interact with twitter and find articles like this, either I am getting old or the organic development of twitter needs a redesign/reboot (or both).

But more and more people are using it in a science context, so I feel the need to get on the bandwagon, or at least know where the bandwagon is going, and how to get on and off quickly. So I decided to highlight 5 tweets that got my attention, where insightful, or captured some poignant moment from the CSEE meeting.
Carolyn's tweet is especially funny, because if you look closely, you can see Bob Holt, one of the founding fathers of spatial ecology, looking in from the outside ;-)

Anne Salomon's public talking skills are summarized in this one picture from her presentation.

Isabelle Côté's introduction was in rhyme, a first for me and a lot of CSEE members I think!

(Mild?) Frustration in less than 140 characters.

Another UoG grad student influencing society beyond science.

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